Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SALES! RM30 1..RM50 FOR 2 ITEMS...

Asos inspired Fringe top
MJ inspired studded vest

*click on the pic to enlarge*

it's every girl's favourite season!

1 pc RM30, 2 pc RM50

FREE POSTAGE if payment's done on the same day orders are made!

Friday, July 24, 2009

50% OFF!
*click on the thumbnails to go to the post! ;) *

RM17 RM18

RM17 RM17

RM21 RM15

RM22 RM18


RM18 RM21

RM21 RM18

RM18 RM15

RM17 RM17


RM22 RM10

RM23 RM20

RM23 RM20
RM17 RM20

RM12.50 RM30

RM10 RM35

RM14 RM19

30% OFF

RM32 RM34

RM23 RM28

RM25 RM20

RM34 RM39

RM34 RM39

RM23 RM39

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